Pathways to Conscious Living

The signature offering by Lester Strong which helps participants develop a positive relationship with Love, Fear and Death; the three central aspects of every human being’s life. Using meditation, intention-building and journaling, participants are given the tools to answer every critical question in their lives. There are six sessions which run two hours for no fewer than five and no more than seven participants.

Wellness Training

The strong intention of this training is to care for caregivers, corporate and non-profit staff who live and work in high stress environments, by giving them practices designed to dissolve the toxic effects of stress which can significantly impact work performance and personal relationships. This training runs four hours for no more than 25 individuals at a time.

The Peaceful Warrior Project

The goal of PWP is to create a safe and non-threatening space where police and youth of color can come together to explore common interests and challenges; all while pledging respect and compassion to one another. This training runs 12 weeks for no more than 15 police officers and 15 youth per cycle.

Business and Life Coaching

This consultation is for individuals who want to craft a highly customized pathway to a more conscious approach to critical aspects of their personal and professional life. Sessions are designed to enable persons to address very specific needs. The consultation timeline is tailored to the personal goals of the individual.